Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Goodwill hunting

I like thrift stores, specifically Goodwill Thrift Stores, and there are many in California, especially (I have learned today) in the SF Bay area. I was staying in San Jose between a gig and a set of reversals this week, and decided to drive up to San Francisco by way of the El Camino Real Route 82. To my delight, there seemed to be Goodwill Stores every couple of miles (I hit four of them today). Besides a $400 Macy's black lightweight wool 4-button blazer and a decent grey cotton dress shirt (all for $16), I spotted some cool album covers worth sharing.

The first two are just great design - I do miss LPs with the 12x12 display or art (or at least the possibility for art). I have decided not to buy these things, as they just pile up, I'll probably never actually play them, and recently I have been  trying to donate more to Goodwill than I actually buy from there. Here's a 50's Jazz and Classical album with great 50's-era artwork:

And then here's a 60's album so awful in every way I could not resist sharing -UP WITH PEOPLE!

The coverquotes for the responsible white men of the time are just terrific; I left out the John Wayne one to zoom in on Pat Boone and Want Disney (and on the front cover, so parents would feel good about buying this for their kids):

Gee Walt, I didn't see credits for songs about segregation, oppression of women and the Vietnam War on the album, but maybe I just missed them...

BASSES: Here's a couple photos of two Allparts necks (one Jazz, one Precision) that I am looking forward to installing. I tinted them with Stewart-MacDonald tinted Nitro Lacquer, but ran out before I could make a second pass, so these are curing while a new can is in the mail. As you can see from the last photo, bass bodies are piling up, so I feel a few birthings coming very soon. More to follow...

CHOCOLATE: Shared some decent dark chocolate bars after dinner last night; one was a 65% with almonds and sea salt, the other a 71% that was a bit harsher but very smooth/creamy. Don't remember the make, I should have snapped photos of the packages, still getting used to sharing this stuff. Today I found a Paris Baguette bakery (a Korean chain that has a number of Los Angeles outlets), and enjoyed the chocolate croissant as I drove from thrift shop to thrift shop (they also make a bitchen' high-gluten donut and Belgian-style waffle).

As I am in Berkeley for the next couple of nights, I will be visiting and photographing my FAVORITE chocolate shop, The Bittersweet Cafe, and will post and comment more about that tomorrow.

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