Friday, June 14, 2013

About Randy's Donuts, and how I missed National Donut Day because every day is...

What can I say about Randy's Donuts? Besides the fact that they spell donuts correctly (i.e., efficiently), they are the finest donuts I have ever had (very similar to Donut Dip, the local donut chain - with 2 locations! - where I grew up in Western Massachusetts). Whenever I travel I continue to TRY to find better, but even the $4 donuts at The Donut Factory on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, although very good, are not superior to the texture and flavor of a Randy's raised chocolate covered. These donuts appeal to my palette, my cheapness (donuts should never cost more than $1), and they are bigger than a space ship (well, at least the one on the roof).
I missed this event; Toyota bought them out and closed the place for the day.

I missed National Donut day this June 1st, but every day is National Donut Day if I want it to be. Every time I fly out of LAX I drive thru Randy's a get a raised chocolate and glazed twist, or sometimes just one or two chocolate raised. Even when I am topping out at my max allowable weight of 180, I'll get one and not eat for most of the day, they are that satisfying (otherwise abstaining from sweets and/or bread until I get back down to 170-175).

Clearly (if not in focus) the best donut in the world.
I have tried a few of the other remaining "giant donut on the roof" establishments in the LA area (there are 3 or 4 others) and they don't come even close to Randy's (although there is still The Donut Hole in LA Puente with TWO huge donuts that you actually drive thru, and I am looking forward to trying those as well, and being disappointed). I understand there are some fine establishments in Seattle, Portland, a couple cities in Texas, and a few more - MANY more - throughout the USA, and as long as my weight and blood sugar levels remain at acceptable levels, I can try at least one, right?

Last week I was staying in San Jose for a couple of Zeppelin gigs, and discovered an amazing cup of drinking chocolate at Dolce Bella Cafe. Very much in the tradition of the thick Italian drinking chocolate from Florence, Italy's Rivoire Cafe, although a bit sweeter and much smaller (more like a cappuccino in size). Their $1 chocolate chip cookie went very well with it - small and crunchier like a euro-cookie (instead of the cookie dough on steroids popular with us Americans), it hit the spot and was truly a surprising to find - but then again this is the SF Bay Area, home of great chocolatiers (and made with local Guitard chocolate)!

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